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The Department of Community Medicine is well known for its value-based education and contribution to all strata of the society. Through teaching and training, and service and research initiatives, the Department contributes significantly to developing empowered physicians of first contact.

  • Undergraduates are trained in community action and taught how to organise health centres and initiate health programmes.
  • Health camps and community awareness programmes provide an accurate understanding of curative and preventive medicine to the students.
  • As an introduction to this field, students participate in a 10-day Inter-Disciplinary Community Orientation Programme (IDCOP) with students from other medical sciences of the Ramaiah Group. The IDCOP, a unique endeavor at RMC, focuses on integrated learning for undergraduate medical students, students of Nursing, Dental, Physiotherapy and Pharmacy.
  • The involvement in the IDCOP is for a total period of 3 weeks, where 2 weeks are in the rural primary health care centers and 1 week in the urban primary health care centers.
  • The focus of the ID-COP is to prepare better, more compassionate doctors who are socially accountable. This is achieved by teaching students about health, development, human values, compassion, sympathy, sincerity and honesty.
  • A large focus is placed on learning by doing and students are encouraged to interact with village panchayat members and local residents.
  • Together with students of other medical sciences, they visit the community defluoridation plant, interact with mentally disabled children at Spandana and also actively involve themselves in school health programmes. This results in doctors who are not just experts, but empathetic experts.
  • Students undergo a 2 month internship in this department – 1 month in an urban setting and 1 month in a rural setting, where they live with the local community, and learn and practice under the local Medical Officer. This internship provides a deeper insight into the role of society, culture and income on health, its prevention and treatment. Interns learn the craft of medicine with the art of social understanding and gain the ability to provide healthcare with minimal resources.
  • The MD programme in Community Medicine is an advanced course involving close faculty-student interaction, focus on research, field activities and clinical experience.
  • Students cover the 3 critical aspects of Service, Teaching and Research. While they are posted to the RHTC and the UHTC, the second half of the day is dedicated to learning through journal reviews, seminars and case presentations.
  • MD students are given external postings to old age homes, hospices, institutes of public health importance, industries, NGOs, administration postings to the RHTC & UHTC, the Ramaiah School Health Programme and the Geriatric Programme.
  • The department is involved in various national and international consultancies providing community service in the areas of non-communicable diseases, maternal and child health, geriatric care, and bio-medical waste management among others.


  • Dr. Lalitha K

    Professor & HOD

  • Dr. Shalini Chandrashekar Nooyi

    Professor & Principal & Dean

  • Dr. Hemanth T

    Professor & Registrar -II, RMC & Joint Registrar & Director- Admissions, RUAS

  • Dr. Arjunan Isaac

    Professor cum MO, RHTC

  • Dr. Gadicherla Suman

    Professor cum MO, UHTC

  • Dr. Dinesh Rajaram

    Associate Professor

  • Dr. Nanda Kumar B S

    Associate Professor cum Epidemiologist, RMC & Deputy Director- Clinical Research, Research & Innovations, RUAS

  • Dr. Priyadarshini C

    Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Babitha Rajan

    Assistant Professor cum LMO, RHTC

  • Mr. Shivaraj N S

    Assistant Professor cum Statistician

  • Dr. Pavithra Cheluvaraj

    Assistant Professor cum LMO,

  • Dr.Ananth Ram V.

    Assistant Professor

  • Ms. Anjana S. Nair

    Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Raghavendra Swamy R.N.

    Senior Resident

  • Dr.Ranjith Viswanath

    Senior Resident

  • Dr. Dhanya S.

    Senior Resident

  • Dr. Nazeer Dhaheera Dheesa

    Senior Resident

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