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Emergency Medicine is a specialty that provides care for emergency patients by specially trained doctors who deliver a wide range of services. It includes initial assessment and early treatment in resuscitation, trauma, and medical and pediatric emergency including surgery and anesthesia.

  • The emergency care team are fully backed by consultants for all specialties and super specialties round the clock. These consultants will attend to these patients within a time frame or transfer them to appropriate centers as required.
  • The accident and trauma system has been fully integrated into this department and they strive to meet the needs of all injured or emergent patients requiring acute care facility, regardless of severity of injury or emergency, geographic location, or population density.
  • The goal is to match a facility’s resources with a patient’s needs so that optimal and cost-effective care is achieved.
  • This department trains their resident doctors (MBBS/MD) to establish care systems using a systematic approach that can provide “fast track” services for people with rapidly curable illness or injury, or organise transfer to higher centers in adequate time. This will ensure quicker treatment for patients, who otherwise have to wait for a long time or may not avail them in time at all.
  • Resuscitation is the most important section of an emergency room. The department is responsible for the immediate treatment of medical or surgical emergencies, for initiating lifesaving procedures in emergency situations, and for providing emergency care for other conditions, including chronic problems and minor injuries and illnesses.
  • They should also have a wide range of emergency care and patient monitoring equipment, as required for the said facility.
  • MD residents are specifically trained to practice as independent emergency doctors/consultant from PHCs to District hospitals with common policies and procedure guidelines for provision of uniform emergency care.
  • The curriculum includes administrative components such as Leadership, System development, Legislation and Finances as well as operational and clinical components such as injury prevention and control, pre-hospital care and definitive care facilities.


  • Dr. Aruna C Ramesh

    Professor & HOD

  • Dr. Deepak T S


  • Dr. Anil Kumar V R

    Associate Professor

  • Dr. Keshavamurthy M R

    Associate Professor

  • Dr. Hariprasad K V

    Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Shruthi Deshpande

    Senior Resident

  • Dr. Jerry Jacob

    Senior Resident

  • Dr. Roger Shannon D’Souza

    Senior Resident

  • Dr.Abhishek M.U.

    Senior Resident

  • Dr.Harshith Gopinath A.

    Senior Resident

  • Dr. Manjunath R.

    Senior Resident

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