Pharmacology is the study of how drugs interact with living organisms to produce a change in function. A medical science concerned with the safe and effective use of medicines, it encompasses drug composition and properties, interactions, toxicology, therapy, and medical applications.

  • As a department, Pharmacology explores the effects drugs have on the human body and how they can be used during the incidence of disease.
  • The learning for UG students involves both theory and observation. Students are encouraged to take up short-term projects to go deeper into the subject.
  • Apart from clinical visits, postgraduates learn vital skills of presentation and communication through CMEs and symposiums.
  • The Department has its own Pharmaco-Vigilance Centre through which reports are collected to provide evidence to the National Centre as and when needed.
  • The students also have access to the Central Museum, which integrates the disciplines of microbiology, pathology, pharmacology, anatomy and forensics under one roof, creating an environment of integrated learning and discovery.


  • Dr. Anuradha H V

    Professor HOD ( In Charge)

  • Dr. Nivedita Maity

    Associate Professor

  • Dr. Mukunda N

    Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Rathai Rajagopalan

    Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Sneha C

    Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Annapurna V T

    Assistant Professor

  • Dr. K.N.Chidambaramurthy

    Pharma Chemist

  • Dr.Arjun S.Kalasapur

    Senior Resident

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