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“At Ramaiah, the biggest focus was on basics, basics, basics! Here, they help you build a strong foundation and you realise later how that simplifies so many complexities you face. Even where I am working now, I always find myself having an upper edge over my colleagues, all thanks to a solid understanding of the basics from Biomechanics!”


Currently working at ATI Physical Therapy,
Bloomington, Indiana

“Thanks to Ramaiah, I grew to be adaptable to any professional setting irrespective of my specialisation or my area of interest. This has helped me be a very versatile physiotherapist and opened more arenas of opportunity for me.”


Currently working at Sunnyside Home Kitchener,

“One thing that I learnt in so many years at Ramaiah (both as a student and as a lecturer) is that if you want to learn and excel, you have to work hard at it, as the focus is on self-driven learning. From Day 1 of graduation to postgraduation, there’s no spoon feeding. One gets the best of experienced faculty both from physiotherapy and other departments of the medical college. But how much one extracts from the course is up to his/her motivation and capacity.

I would still love to be back in this institute and serve more and more.”


Graduated and worked with Ramaiah,
Department of Physiotherapy as a lecturer for
three years.

“At Ramaiah, it was always a healthy environment where I constantly learnt and was challenged. The Physiotherapy department provided me with great, fun classes where I could explore my passions more. They brought professors into my life with whom I could have enriching conversations. I am grateful for the real life experiences through which I can put my passions into practice. The work experience I got at the Memorial Hospital is one I will never forget or take for granted.”


Currently working at Sita Bhateja Hospitals,

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