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Research Ecosystem.

  • The institution is recognized as Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (SIRO) by DSIR-GOI. An ecosystem for innovations is created through the following which nurtures inter-disciplinary research on the campus. Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) with internal and external members steers the activities of research and innovation.
  • A robust International Research Office has facilitated during the last five years, 110 invited guest lectures and symposiums, 163 seminars and CMEs have been organized. Research and innovation system has produced 707 publications, 53 book chapters and 6 published patents.
  • The Institution’s Innovation Council in 2019 has facilitated over interactive programs and lectures for stimulating the students towards innovations.  Students are mentored to undertake creative activities in the domain of health care technologies.
  • Division of Research and Patents (DRP) (2015-2019) coordinates all the research activities and has conducted 22 workshops & training programs for faculty and students on research methodology, intellectual property rights, scientific and grant writing. The research projects have been funded by international, national and state level entities such as UNIDO, Global Environment Fund, DRDO, ICMR, DST, DBT, RGUHS, VGST-GOK, and various industries.
  • Central Research Lab (CRL) has advanced equipment including cell culture facility, Karyotyping and molecular biology equipment, though which in the last five years has provided support to student and faculty projects such as development of Nano-formulations for advanced drug delivery systems, quantification of cancer stem cells and understanding chronic wound biology.
  • Entire spectrum of diagnostic services and research facilities are available through NABL accredited laboratory (Microbiology, Pathology, Biochemistry, Flow cytometry, Molecular diagnostics) and imaging services.
  • Hands on workshop based skill transfer is provided in Ramaiah Advanced Learning Centre conducts courses in collaboration with leading industries for cadaver workshops, trauma life support courses, simulated surgical training using Sim Man 3G, lapmentor and bronchomentor.

Complementary research and academic support comes from following units created by the institution:

  • Ramaiah Innovation Centre for Healthcare Technologies (RICH-Tech) has supported innovations and product development projects in the areas of health technologies such as Female Urine Collection Cup and Wound Closure device.
  • Ramaiah Public Policy Centre (RPPC) is the focal point of research, education and extension/service contributions to the discourse on public policy. Centre has conducted round table meetings towards evidence based policy for urban governance, solid waste management, medico-legal issues, higher education, health care delivery and air pollution. (http://www.rppc.ac.in/recent-events/)
  • Ramaiah International Centre for Public Health Innovations (RICPHI) Coordinates public health projects with national and international collaborators in areas related to NCD and telehealth.
  • Ramaiah Advanced Testing Laboratory is equipped for analytics in the areas of therapeutic drug monitoring, food testing, water, soil testing and AYUSH testing.  This has helped academic and industrial collaboration projects such as analysis of pesticide residues in food products, lead and heavy metal contamination of groundwater and presence of lead in breast milk. (http://ramaiahlab.com/)
  • Ramaiah Clinical Research Centre is recognized by US_FDA coordinated 200 clinical trials for Indian and International agencies.
  • Institution has forged MOU’s and collaborations with international universities  and renowned Indian research agencies (IISc and IIMR) and leading health industries.


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