Sponsored Research
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Research conducted in this category primarily revolves around public health and its many pressing issues.

Grant-based research or sponsored research is an important aspect of overall research activities at RMC. The College has a number of facilities to support sponsored research including the Central Research Laboratory, the Drug Testing Lab and the Advanced Learning Center. The Central Research Laboratory is a 7,000 square feet lab that features a genetics research facility, tissue culture facility and biochemical analysis facility. The Drug Testing Lab is a state-of-the-art outfit where the qualitative as well as quantitative analysis of drugs and several other substances can be performed. The Advanced Learning Center features the Cadaveric Skills Lab where research on embalming techniques is conducted. It also has the Tissue Bank where cryopreservation and research is performed.

The College also engages in sponsored research of the collaborative kind, working alongside other reputed Indian institutions such as the IISc and others. It has also struck MOUs with various international institutions such as the University of Ghent, University of Antwerp and University of Illinois among others.

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