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NAAC Undertaking
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Criteria 1 Feedback on curriculum

Additional Information

Criteria 2 E Learning

Criteria for Identifying Slow performers & Advanced Learners

Video of Demo Lecture on use of Advanced features of Campus ERP

Criteria 3 Research Policy
List of Publications
List of Funded Projects
List of Collaborations
MOUS & Report of the IRO for five years :
List of funding Agencies
Criteria 4 Criteria 4
Criteria 5 Details of capability enhancement and skills development scheme
Career Guidance Cell Activities
International Relations Office
Student Grievance Redressal Mechanism
Student Council Activities
Students Council Members & Report
Student Representatives in Various Committees
Alumni Activities
Registration of Alumni Association
Details of Alumni Activities
Frequency Minutes of meeting of Alumni association 2015-20
Quantum of Financial ContributionS
Extract of Audited Statement of Alumni Contribution
RaMCAA Poll results
Criteria 6 Minutes of IQAC Meetings
IQAC mom-12 Jan 2019
IQAC mom-6 April 2019
IQAC mom-19 July 2019
IQAC mom-9 Sept 2019
IQAC mom-11 Jan 2020
IQAC mom-11 April 2020
IQAC mom-11 July 2020
IQAC mom-5 Sept 2020
Policy Documents
Policy document for e-GOVERNANCE
Policy document for providing financial support to teachers
Policy document for resource mobilization & utilization
Policy document on employee welfare measures
Policy for Performance Appraisal
Strategic plan document
Structure and Mechanism of IQAC
Criteria 7 Code of conduct
Criteria 8 Medical Graduate Attributes








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